“Give Me You” wins 2014 Faulkner Pirates Alley Novella Award

Kay’s latest work of fiction, “Give Me You,” won the prestigious 2014 Faulkner Pirates Alley Award for Novella, judged by the novelist Moira Crone. The Judge’s Comments read:  “An evocative exploration of the lives of four members of the “greatest generation” who are more than willing to reveal their sins, furies, and many detours from greatness—as each in her or his turn contemplates their shared, and scandalous his- tory. The piece tells the story of two couples who were wild and politically radical as young adults in the 30s, and how their indiscretions colored everything else that followed. But it becomes an evocation of how time adjusts all wounds, and attitudes, and how even identity and ego and “who we are” wear away—the hardship of this fact, and also the beauty of it.”

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